How can you simplify your life with VistosCRM?

  • Want to manage your business from anywhere and at anytime?
  • Want to have important information available with one click?
  • Want to know what your colleagues are doing now, what they did yesterday, and what they will do tomorrow?
  • Want to save some of the money spent on information systems and even have the possibility of earning money?
  • Want to reduce your paper trail?
  • Want to do all this? Then VistosCRM is for you!
  • Need more information about what a CRM system is?

 Tell us what else you need. We are interested!

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Vistos CRM at CeBit
We are taking our CRM system to CeBit in Hannover, Germany. Sprechem Sie Deutsch, Mr. Vistos?
New customers for our platform
In 2014 we are all booked-out by new customers. Great job! We have to hire extra programers however.
Blue, again :)
The new design will be most probably blue. Again. Blue seems to be our color.


  • For a long time we were looking for a system that is responsive to our needs. We're glad we found Vistos CRM.

    Ing. Jan Sequens
    (Managing Director, Avantica)

  • We needed solutions. Experts from Vistos CRM offered us this solution and immediately launched. We have gained an overview that is priceless.

    Ing. Miloš Lukeš
    (Chief Financial Officer, Czechocar)

  • CRM systems on the market are many, but only a few are able to meet the uncompromising demands of international business. We decided to use Vistos CRM.

    Ing. Jan Černý
    (BTL Zdravotnická technika)

  • Without Vistos CRM I cannot imagine the functioning of our company. It simplementation has provided us more time to devote to our business.

    Martin Kašpar
    (Commercial Director, POS Experts)

  • Thanks, Vistos CRM manages the whole business quite easily- one click to get information that we would otherwise have chased all day.

    Ing. Veronika Plašilová
    (Manager, Relevant )

  • VistosCRM is a perfect tool for having my company easily managed. I even have important reports sent to my mailbox every morning to read them with

    Jean-Cédric Bienfait
    (Owner, AddItValue)

Ten rules when selecting a CRM system


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